About us

Risinghindu.com is committed to just reporting facts based on news available on the ground. In an era where opinion and supposition are too often substituted for fact and where journalists rush to get things first and hope their stories are correct, Risinghindu.com tries to stand out by returning to the bedrock promise of getting news first, but first getting it right. We try to deliver exclusive news you can trust.

Risinghindu.com has been founded with the vision of keeping future in mind where internet will be used to dominate the war fare of modern times. We deliver the information in a neutral voice, through extensive use of social media.

Risinghindu.com believes in providing fact based without regard to outcome or personal bias. We will construct original, exclusive content with a neutrality and transparency that lets readers, viewers and listeners make up their own minds.

Risinghindu.com is based in New Delhi, India with an eye towards covering events in the capital for those who live outside it and the events that matter you the most. Our website will primarily focus on all major areas such politics, technology, health, jobs, entertainment.

Our mission can be succinctly summarized by three brand statements:

  1. Honest Journalism
  2. Information Without Indoctrination
  3. Rising Above Rhetoric.